10 random tidbits

1. Dance competition this upcoming weekend …looking forward to the hotel stay but not the cost
2. Sick of realizing that I think I am way better friends with certain people than I really am
3. I am trying my damnedest to start some seeds / plants but I have a severe lack of green thumb.
4. I will continue to work at #3 because I really want flowers and veggies this year.
5. I am proud of my son Tucker for coming as far as he has without giving up.
6. I need to clean my house but don’t want to
7. I want to clear a spot in my room to drag some of my sewing stuff up from the basement.
8. I need to get into better shape so when we do the jdrf walk in the fall I don’t die lol
9. Emma has a great dance opportunity presented to her that I don’t know if we can pull off the cost
10. I am very excited to go see Tim McGraw in june with one of the only people that has continued to stick by me through good times and bad.


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