Desperately seeking help sending Emma to diabetes camp

No not desperately seeking Susan, unless of course she can help us. We are trying our damnedest to get Emma into a summer diabetes camp. The session we had in mind was toward the end of the summer which we chose so we could raise more funds. It no seems like that session is full. There is another session available sooner, but….we need to come up with a ton of money sooner. Like ASAP

A one week session is $1260
2 week session is $2470

We are aiming for a one week session but if we can manage 2 weeks but some miracle, that would be awesome.
We started a gofundme page to help raise money. Please share it with anyone you know. Maybe we can pull this off. Thank you so much.

The site is


Parenting a child with food issues during the holidays

Tis the season for holiday parties. They can be lots of fun, but they can also cause me more stress. Why? I want my daughter to feel just as normal (or abnormal) as any of her 13 yr old friends. This isn’t always possible when having to deal with diabetes and celiacs, but I try my best. Most of the time I try to find substitutions so that she can have most of the same things. Sometimes she doesn’t even care and just wants to hang with her friends. This is our first Christmas with celiacs and I found myself feeling frustrated the other day with an email conversation. I know it is not anybody else’s problem or concern on what my daughter can eat and enjoy during a party, but it really makes me feel sad when almost everything is not ok for her. We got an email basically asking what all the families would be bringing and with each reply I just read it and said to myself, nope she can’t have that, nope she can’t have that. So while all the kids are having pizza and chocolate covered pretzels, party mix and cookies etc…Emma will be eating Doritos because they are “safe”. She will be happy with that, but it makes me incredibly sad.

Feeling fortunate

This time of year brings a lot of stress. The last few weeks I have found myself considerably more stressed than I usually am. I have not had a chance to really get into the whole Christmas thing and that has stressed me out more.
Until this morning….
This morning I find myself feeling very fortunate. I don’t know if it’s the deep blanket of snow outside that has set me off or what but I’ll take it. I may not have massive riches but I’ve got it relatively good I think and a lot better than some people do.
Peter was able to take Friday off and we were really able to finally start our Christmas shopping. Yesterday
Morning the girls and I were up bright and early to go to our Girl Scout pancake breakfast. I am lucky to be co leader to a fantastic person who is creative, organized, and a good friend. The girls did a great job mostly on their own with little direction and made a decent profit. I even was given a Dunkin donuts gift card from my now favorite girlscout 😉 …score!!! I bought $5 of Chinese auction raffle tickets and won 3 great prizes. I was so surprised. Emma even one the prize she wanted to get for her sister. That’s a plus right there that she wanted to get something for her.
Melanie went off to sleep at a friends house and Emma and I went out to
Lunch, a movie and more Christmas shopping. It doesn’t sound like I won the lottery or anything but I think it’s so much more positive than I’ve been feeling lately. I have gotten a lot accomplished in a few days and am
Really starting to look forward to Christmas and that feels great!

A little about my boss (and food)…

My boss, how would I describe him? Really a nice guy but can be very cranky and touchy. He’s kind of short and can be reallly really picky. When he’s in a good mood he can be incredibly funny. When he’s in a bad mood forget even trying to talk to him. Sometimes I find myself looking at him and saying that its a good thing he’s cute. Oh yeah, my boss is 2. Yep you guessed it, my boss is my sweet little boy. This kid rules my every move. I love him to death and to the moon and back but some days it’s like working for a little tyrant.

This week’s battle is food. I have made the lazy mistake of falling into the habit of just giving him the things he likes most of the time. The problem is, that’s like 5 things. His diet mainly consists of peanut butter and jelly, Mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, goldfish and cheese. He is so set in his ways that most of the time he refuses to even y anything else. I can’t even get it into his mouth. I think if he would actually taste it, he would like so many more things. This week my battle is to get him to at least try a few new things. I have declared today NO peanut butter and jelly day! He ate a bowl of peaches and I managed to finally try a few bites of some banana oatmeal. I count that as a pretty huge success. Lunch is going to be a bigger challenge. Wish me luck

10 random tidbits

1. Dance competition this upcoming weekend …looking forward to the hotel stay but not the cost
2. Sick of realizing that I think I am way better friends with certain people than I really am
3. I am trying my damnedest to start some seeds / plants but I have a severe lack of green thumb.
4. I will continue to work at #3 because I really want flowers and veggies this year.
5. I am proud of my son Tucker for coming as far as he has without giving up.
6. I need to clean my house but don’t want to
7. I want to clear a spot in my room to drag some of my sewing stuff up from the basement.
8. I need to get into better shape so when we do the jdrf walk in the fall I don’t die lol
9. Emma has a great dance opportunity presented to her that I don’t know if we can pull off the cost
10. I am very excited to go see Tim McGraw in june with one of the only people that has continued to stick by me through good times and bad.

New adventures in eating…

It’s been a while again. As usual, things are hectic and unpredictable around here. We already faced some changes in Emma’s eating with her diabetes, who knew there would be more to come. At her last Endo appointment (diabetes clinic) they did her yearly bloodwork that checks for certain aspects and markers of certain autoimmune things. Hers came back with a vitamin D deficiency, abnormal numbers for thyroid, but not enough to cause concern just yet, and abnormal for Celiacs. What??? Celiacs, we had no idea…
We scheduled an appointment with the gastroenterologist who told us she would have to have an upper endoscopy and biopsies of her small intestine. At this point I can’t get the thoughts out of the back of my head that are saying WTF, my poor little 12 yr old girl. Never in a million years did I expect any of this for her. She was a real trooper even though she was nervous as hell and the procedure went really quickly. She even insisted on going to dance that night and eating McDonalds (before she couldn’t anymore).
Our Dr. called us 2 days later with the results and said that she does indeed have Celiac disease and that we need to totally change her diet and schedule an appointment with their nutritionist.
So, here we are 5 days after that phone call…
Emma seems to be doing fine with it all. It’s hard for me to tell. Sometimes I don’t know if she is really upset and just putting up a front, or if she is just that casual about it all. We have discovered Udi’s Gluten Free bread and Gluten Free bisquik along with a few other treats. My mission today while grocery shopping is to find her some more Gluten Free products that will substitute for some of her normal things and also try to shop for our normal dinners but tweak them a little bit to make them ok for her to eat. Luckily there are a lot more options out there these days. Hopefully we will not have any more surprises.

Random updates and ramblings …..

Big Surprise….I wasnt able to keep on top of this blog like I had intended. I refuse to give up on it so here I am.  What’s new and exciting with us???

Since the last time I posted…

Emma has gone from injections to using the Omnipod insulin pump. We absolutely love it and even though we are never going to have it easy, the pod makes managing a lot of aspects of her diabetes a lot easier. It’s been about 2 months now and we have a follow up appointment on Wednesday. Everything seems to be going really well though.  At one of her last checkups they did blood work however and some markers came up for Celiacs. We have an appointment on January 29th to further discuss that.

Melanie got her long hoped for ipod touch for Christmas. Thank you Santa! She can now be heard screaching Taylor Swift throughout the house at any given time. She is also getting ready for her first school chorus concert next week. Should be fun.

Andrew is growing up way too fast. He is such a funny little man in a toddlers body. Sometimes I can’t believe that he is already 18months and other t imes I can’t believe that he has only been here 18 months. He is talking so much and certainly knows what he wants including a couple of his obsessions….Coloring and the Babar movie. I think he wants to dance like the big girls at the studio too because he certainly runs like hell for that door as soon as one opens to the dance room. he stands in the opening trying to copy them. Way too cute.

Christopher is living back at home and trying to pull his life back together (we hope) and are you ready for this one…..Tucker got a JOB!!!!

That’s life in a nutshell right now for us. Lots of activity and stress, but it is what it is. I think today I’m going to work on covering up some of these gray hairs I have earned lately. I don’t like my mirror much it shows too many of them.